Your Identity Verified by Visa

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Identity Verified by Visa

Visa corporation has a great tool for those that love to spend their paychecks on online shopping needs like: digital cameras, hiking gear, books, and even groceries. This comes at a great time as identity theft is on the rise. Essentially, the program allows you to register your Visa branded credit card or debit card (check card) in a program that adds an extra layer of security to your credit card.

The free service called Verified by Visa helps prevent unauthorized online use before it happens by confirming your identity with an additional password. I think this is very cool in an effort to prevent and protect you from identity theft and credit card fraud. One caveat is that this is offered at certain online retailers and not all Internet based stores

You may be asking: doesn’t Visa already have security measures in place that will protect me from unauthorized charges? It certainly does. However, it is my opinion that Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are feeling the pinch as the extent of id theft is reaching record levels each month. Therefore, extra layers of security from identity thieves, hackers, and fraudsters are set in place. I think this is a win win situation and that it is worth the extra effort to protect yourself from the impact of these white collar crimes.

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