Why Is It Important To Secure Your Identity From Thieves?

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Why Is It Important To Secure Your Identity From Thieves? This open-ended question, quite frankly, should be self-explanatory. However, you would be surprised by how many people don’t know why.

Identity theft is a white collar crime that strikes people in U.S. by the millions annually. Consider that there are about 300 million people living in America. What happens worldwide with id theft is often on a much grander scale. So the first risk of identity theft is the sheer number of victim cases each year. With such a high number of crime perpetration it would seem that you may fall victim before you even know it. Often, that is the case.

Serenity is a sign of a secure identity

Well, that certainly is not a reason that states “why it is really important to secure your identity?”, but the following 7 reasons should give you an idea:

  1. Protect yourself from other criminals that may be after much more than your financial status. These may include assassins, murders, rapists, hostage takers, child abductors, and your weird neighbor next door. Identity theft can be a precursor to other crimes that can range from fraud to murder.
  2. Perhaps you should protect your credit report score from dwindling into the low hundreds. With a good to great credit score you can enjoy these benefits: lower APRs, higher credit limits, and Titanium level credit card offers. Delightful!
  3. Your bank account balance may stay intact if you try to secure your identity through protection and prevention methods.
  4. You won’t get phone calls from creditors asking you to pay a $6,000 bill for a lot of new scooters headed for the United Kingdom.
  5. You will sleep better at night knowing your identity is secure from theft and your finances are intact.
  6. You will save yourself more money by being able to go to work and not miss those important fun times with your family and friends. If you don’t believe me, imagine that it takes an average of 18 moths for someone to clear their good name. The process is lengthy, costly, and very stressful. In some cases this process seems to never end.
  7. You won’t have to get a new social security number, id, driver’s license, passport, bank account, credit cards… well, a new identity. The process of regaining ground after an identity theft crime is often a nightmare. Perhaps this should be the strongest reason for you to secure your identity.

There can be many other reasons or interpretations to why is it important to secure yourself from identity theft. If you have any feel free to comment and I hope these are of some help.

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