Social Security Number Identity Theft

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Social Security number identity theft is a growing problem in the United States. If you are new to this you may wonder how identity theft and social security tie into the mix. Your social security card is a document which is most susceptible to identity theft and should be kept in a safe place, not your wallet.

What is Social Security Identity Theft?

Social Security identity theft is when someone knowingly or unknowingly has your social security number for the purpose of credit card fraud, potentially malicious impersonation, loan fraud, and obtaining a job legally within the U.S. borders. These are only a few uses, but they constitute the majority of crimes related to social security numbers and identity theft.

The Identity Theft Problem

I think one of the biggest problems out there is the use of social security numbers for immigration purposes. It is often the illegal immigrants who possess a fake social security number. This may be known or unknown to them as many new comers don’t understand out system; what a social security number is and how it is obtained. It is those same gullible, or not, immigrants that get the right papers to start a new life in America.

This would pose no problem only if people who own the real rights to the social security number were not victimized. Nationally, hundreds of thousands of people find out that on an average their social security number has been shared 30 times on the black market. In turn the people who also have these social security numbers can find employment using legal means of getting in the door: yes using your social security number.

By all means, I am not against immigration and equal employment to all. In fact, I am an immigrant myself, and knowing the history of the U.S., nearly everyone is a descendant from alien countries and continents; maybe not in their lifetime, but through their parents, grandparents, and grand-grandparents.

The sheer problem is that social security number theft creates problems for those that were not aware. Victims are often left with immense credit problems, financial burdens, and a feeling of being violated. I know that some of you reading this may even know someone that is illegally within the United States and most likely they are using someone else’s social security number.

The Misconceptions Associated With Social Security ID Theft

You may have been told that these social security numbers belong to deceased people. Hence, the most pragmatic social solution is to say that “these people won’t need them anyway.” Wrong! Firstly, the Social Security Administration cycles the numbers years after and attaches them to newborns and immigrants. Secondly, the concept of stealing someone’s identity, even if they are dead, is still wrong and immoral as the opportunity for fraud is much higher. Finally, immigrants who may possess fake papers may often be criminals hiding from the authorities in their native country. These individuals have the ability to create a path of destruction without being held accountable.

For the most part, identity theft is a faceless crime and its victims may seem like they are so far away. However, the damage of this crime is very real, painful, and expensive to clear.

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