Identity Theft Protection Tips via Email

Free Credit Reports

by Radek M. Gadek · 1 comment

It’s a fact, free credit reports are of assistance in preventing identity theft. You may or may not know it, but the U.S. government mandated that the three leading credit reporting agencies must supply you with a free credit report each year. I believe that this is an enormous first step in putting a stop […]

Child Identity Theft

by Radek M. Gadek · 1 comment

Child identity theft is more frequent than you may believe and with this white collar crime colliding with youngsters more than ever we must protect our children’s identity at any cost. Although your child might not possess a credit card or a highly praised credit his or her personal identity is at stake when reckless […]

Your credit or debit card was charged one dollar and at this moment you question if this is identity theft. This is a good type of “question” since in all probability you didn’t charge anything that was meriting $1.00. Before you call your credit card company or your banking establishment you may prefer to recognize […]