One Dollar Credit Card Charge

by Radek M. Gadek · 5 comments

Your credit or debit card was charged one dollar and at this moment you question if this is identity theft. This is a good type of “question” since in all probability you didn’t charge anything that was meriting $1.00.

Before you call your credit card company or your banking establishment you may prefer to recognize that this may be a regular charge. A single dollar charge on your credit or debit card frequently implies you visited a gasoline station. Hence, you were most likely pumping gas and not forking over a buck at a time to con artists.

Countless gas stations like BP, Mobil, Shell, and others charge one dollar onto your card until the entire purchase processes a couple of days later. Unless it is a weekend or else a holiday your entire fuel purchase may possibly surface more than a few days later. In my point of view, gasoline stations conduct this to make certain that your charge card or debit card has the essential credit or funds. So next time you freak out over a one dollar purchase on your bill recall that it is temporary and it will be completely substituted with your gas purchase. In case you needed to know, you will not be devoting a buck extra for your gas charge, only what you paid for at the pump.

There have been identity theft instances where crooks would charge little sums of money onto a credit card and then bring into play bigger transactions to fill their money bags. Unless after 5 to 7 business days your one dollar purchase doesn’t become the entire gasoline charge, you either purchased something for a buck on credit or you are getting swindled. If you have children at home, or some other individuals who may have access to your card, question them if they bought anything with it before you initiate your personal identity theft probe. Kids specifically, may be the perpetrators charging your credit one buck at a time.

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