MasterCard SecureCode Protects Your Identity

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Exactly one week ago I wrote about an identity protection program by Visa for online shoppers. Now, I stumbled upon MaserCard SecureCode which is also aimed at protecting your identity in a similar fashion the Verified by Visa program protects from fraud.

With the Master Card Secure Code you pick a code only known to you. This code is associated with your credit or debit card that features the MC logo.

The cool thing is that the program is free and allows you to shop online safely, or safer as some might say, at select merchants. Why select merchants? The problem with both the Visa and Master Card services is that it hasn’t been accepted by all online retailers. This is often because the online stores are not aware of the programs. Also, preexisting feuds with the credit card conglomerates may have led online companies to opt-out from participating.

What you can do to protect yourself online is to shop at the Internet stores that use Secure Code. If you found a better deal at a business that doesn’t carry the Master Card Secure Code logo you are still okay to shop, as MasterCard already has protection functions built in the credit card. For more info on that contact your credit card company.

The more you know about identity theft, fraud, and your credit card, the better. I wish you a great day.

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