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Annual Credit Report and Identity Theft

It’s a fact, free credit reports are of assistance in preventing identity theft. You may or may not know it, but the U.S. government mandated that the three leading credit reporting agencies must supply you with a free credit report each year. I believe that this is an enormous first step in putting a stop to personal information theft. There is no awaiting catch and complimentary information regarding your credit file is available to assist you in finding out the information that is on your report. This can’t be anything other than outstanding!

The credit reports are accessible at and are prepared by Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Putting a stop to identity theft is as casual as a fifteen minute sit-down-session with you and your financial past, present, and future. Make a point to glance over any open, closed, plus derogatory or negative accounts you may possess. Moreover, these credit reporting companies provide online dispute alternatives just in case there are a number of prohibited errors in your file.

Remember, preventing personal identity theft is not like going to the dentist. Though clearing your good name after identity theft strikes is like descending from an airplane without a parachute. If this is your initial time viewing your complimentary credit report you’ll in all likelihood find it habit-forming to check it every 4 months, more or less. How come every four months? It is my belief that it is more beneficial to exhaust your free credit reports once per 4 months so as to you can better keep an eye on your credit more frequently, rather than, only once a year by running through all three of them. One more thing… there is no particular report you have to begin with, however make an effort not to procrastinate in viewing it.

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