Child Identity Theft

by Radek M. Gadek · 1 comment

Child identity theft is more frequent than you may believe and with this white collar crime colliding with youngsters more than ever we must protect our children’s identity at any cost. Although your child might not possess a credit card or a highly praised credit his or her personal identity is at stake when reckless precaution is taken to protect and avert fraud. Protect your children’s personal information in the same manner you would protect yours.

A good number of the kids whose personal identity is taken do not experience it until young “Jimmy” receives a telephone call from a cell phone corporation demanding for a payment of a sizable bill. Or maybe, young “Mary” will greet a sheriff deputy requesting for her to appear at a judicial hearing after a con artist defrauds various companies for thousands of dollars utilizing Mary’s good name.

You, as the parent can stop child identity theft by studying more about it and educating your family about the value of an immaculate credit. It is not too early to start teaching your kids about sensible financial fundamentals, and that includes knowing that this thing known as credit will stick with them for the remainder of their lifetime.

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Paula Graham August 2, 2008 at 1:17 pm

I heard that child identity theft exists but I didn’t know how detrimental it can be to my kid’s credit. This is good stuff.



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