Free Identity Theft Check

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Free identity theft check. Isn’t that what is expected in the 21st century. It sure is, and I have a way for you to check for identity theft, FREE! You may not believe how many paid services are there to check identity theft. Well, there aren’t many, and the ones that do exist will funnel […]

Identity Theft Victims

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Identity theft victims are created by millions world wide each day, and since identity theft is a crime of opportunity, most don’t find out until it’s too late. If you have become a victim please don’t hesitate to report identity theft. Trust me, every second counts. The victims of identity theft will not be named […]

What is Identity Theft?

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The most common question I get is: What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is a white collar crime that is able to touch everyone. This nondiscriminatory crime creates millions of victims annually. These id theft casualties compose of young adults, seasoned retirees, and even children. Identity theft protection is highly recommended when your personal info […]

With the rise of identity theft reporting the crime has become the next logical step. However reporting identity theft in certain municipalities may make you wish you never became a victim in the first place. The problem lies in reporting identity theft to the authorities. Some police departments are not yet identity theft victim friendly. […]