Electronic Theft

The protection of your identity this holiday season, and any holiday season for that matter, is very crucial to your financial security. Criminals will be prowling the stores, food courts, and the outlet malls looking for ways to make a quick buck or a “killing.” Not murder, but a lucrative heist on your financial future.

I got an email from one of my blog readers. He just received an email scam with a very personal touch. Supposedly a “lawyer” was trying to contact him to tell him that an inheritance awaits him. As most emails with such claims should be rejected right away he stopped to take a second look. […]

Free Identity Theft Check

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Free identity theft check. Isn’t that what is expected in the 21st century. It sure is, and I have a way for you to check for identity theft, FREE! You may not believe how many paid services are there to check identity theft. Well, there aren’t many, and the ones that do exist will funnel […]

Plenty of banks are now closing or are being bought out. The most important question may be that which relates to your personal information. Is your identity safe? The answer for the most part is: YES, but… There may be banking institutions that may contribute to the rising statistics of identity theft. These financial establishments […]

What is Identity Theft?

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The most common question I get is: What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is a white collar crime that is able to touch everyone. This nondiscriminatory crime creates millions of victims annually. These id theft casualties compose of young adults, seasoned retirees, and even children. Identity theft protection is highly recommended when your personal info […]

Exactly one week ago I wrote about an identity protection program by Visa for online shoppers. Now, I stumbled upon MaserCard SecureCode which is also aimed at protecting your identity in a similar fashion the Verified by Visa program protects from fraud. With the Master Card Secure Code you pick a code only known to […]

Visa corporation has a great tool for those that love to spend their paychecks on online shopping needs like: digital cameras, hiking gear, books, and even groceries. This comes at a great time as identity theft is on the rise. Essentially, the program allows you to register your Visa branded credit card or debit card […]

In today’s communication driven world cell phones are a near necessity and within this new need a new type of danger lurks. As you may know, cellular phones serve as great devices to call for some take out or text message to vote for your favorite American Idol. What’s more, the little electronic device is […]

My anti virus software discovered a trojan: Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen. I found out that the trojan, often confused with the term virus, is associated with many email scams propagating on the Web. If you have received Internet phising e-mails you may have been hit with emails from posers of respected companies like Wells Fargo, PayPal, ACIPCO Credit […]