Free Identity Theft Check

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Free identity theft check. Isn’t that what is expected in the 21st century. It sure is, and I have a way for you to check for identity theft, FREE! You may not believe how many paid services are there to check identity theft. Well, there aren’t many, and the ones that do exist will funnel […]

What is Identity Theft?

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The most common question I get is: What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is a white collar crime that is able to touch everyone. This nondiscriminatory crime creates millions of victims annually. These id theft casualties compose of young adults, seasoned retirees, and even children. Identity theft protection is highly recommended when your personal info […]

Exactly one week ago I wrote about an identity protection program by Visa for online shoppers. Now, I stumbled upon MaserCard SecureCode which is also aimed at protecting your identity in a similar fashion the Verified by Visa program protects from fraud. With the Master Card Secure Code you pick a code only known to […]

Visa corporation has a great tool for those that love to spend their paychecks on online shopping needs like: digital cameras, hiking gear, books, and even groceries. This comes at a great time as identity theft is on the rise. Essentially, the program allows you to register your Visa branded credit card or debit card […]

Why Is It Important To Secure Your Identity From Thieves? This open-ended question, quite frankly, should be self-explanatory. However, you would be surprised by how many people don’t know why. Identity theft is a white collar crime that strikes people in U.S. by the millions annually. Consider that there are about 300 million people living […]

Uh-huh, even the individual that is refused credit can prevent identity theft. The only catch is that there is a time limit. Perhaps you have applied for credit and you were denied. How would you like to know about something that very few people know about. It would be cool? Wouldn’t it? Here it is. […]

Free Credit Reports

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It’s a fact, free credit reports are of assistance in preventing identity theft. You may or may not know it, but the U.S. government mandated that the three leading credit reporting agencies must supply you with a free credit report each year. I believe that this is an enormous first step in putting a stop […]