Best Identity Theft Protection Services

The best identity theft protection services are listed here to help people keep their sensitive financial and personal information under lock & key and to safeguard them from exposure to identity thieves and con-artists. Identity theft protection reviews can help you select the right ID theft protection service for you. These services can offer you the help you need to make it virtually impossible for swindling imposters to get their hands on your hard earned money or to use your identity for other dark purposes.

Identity Theft Protection Reviews

The very best way to protect yourself from identity theft and a breach of your valuable, private personal data is to use one of the top identity theft protection services listed below.

  • Life Lock – Life Lock’s Identity Alert system sets their identity theft protection service apart by offering more comprehensive coverage, better control and up-to-the-minute notification of any possible threats to your identity. Their system is a well-oiled identity theft protection machine with a proactive approach to keeping thieves at bay. They are an American Business Award winner for Best Overall Company and are successfully helping to protect over three million people against identity fraud.
  • TrustedID – Trusted ID has been a leader in the field of protection from identity theft since 2005. With its IDEssentials package, they combine their years of experience with a host of monitoring methods to safeguard personal data as well as offering extensive support if your identity has already been compromised. Trusted ID also backs their service with a one million dollar warranty if identity theft occurs during the time of coverage.
  • ID Watchdog – ID Watchdog distinguishes itself from other services by including the databases of the DMV, utilities, medical records, and government databases along with credit bureaus in its monitoring services. The service creates a Baseline Profile of your personal information gathered from thousands of databases that they scan for you when you sign up for protection. They also guarantee full resolution if identity theft occurs on their watch.

Identity theft protection services like these are geared toward proactively guarding your private data and financial accounts through a wide range of approaches. By using one of the best identity theft protection companies described here, you can rest secure in the knowledge that your credit, your finances, and your good name are safe and sound.. well, as safe as can be.

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft?

Identity thieves may want to impersonate you to get a passport, to seek revenge, to obtain prescription drugs, to gain employment, to commit a crime, or, of course, to capture your credit and your money. Con-artists can have varying appearances and have differing purposes, but they all want one thing: your identity. Your driver’s license ID, your social security number, your address, your bank account and credit card numbers, your passwords and your pin numbers are all prey to identity theft.

It is wise to be aware of some of the best identity theft protection practices. The golden key to your credit, your money and your identity is your Social Security number. Banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, and even government bureaus and agencies can lose or make public your social security number for all to see. A crook can make use of your SSA number to get access to your credit and your cash by finding out your address and other information about you. For this reason you should never carry your Social Security card in your wallet or handbag.

Phishing pirates can attempt to pry your information loose via e-mail or telephone campaigns…and they use very clever and clandestine means. Pickpockets can lift a wallet or handbag thus gaining your driver’s license and your credit cards. Although you may quickly report the loss, charges can still be made, crimes committed, and your ID numbers are out there on the black market being sold for profit anyway.

For these and other reasons, it may not be enough for you to practice identity theft prevention. You may want to invest in a service that will provide you with real firepower when it comes to protection from identity theft.