Anti Virus Software Helps Prevent Identity Theft

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Anti Virus an Identity Theft Protection

My anti virus software discovered a trojan: Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen. I found out that the trojan, often confused with the term virus, is associated with many email scams propagating on the Web. If you have received Internet phising e-mails you may have been hit with emails from posers of respected companies like Wells Fargo, PayPal, ACIPCO Credit Union, Bank of American, Ebay, and others. The assailants intend on taking a hold of your personal information by exploiting weak points in your communication and online browsing software. This specified trojan is targeted for Internet Explorer (IE) version 5.x as well as 6.x. If you have not updated your browser you may have broadcasted a lot of identifying information to the con artists.

You are able to prevent identity theft by updating your anti virus software database and doing the equivalent for your Internet web browsers. If you are running Microsoft Windows and Microsoft IE you are the most penetrable. This is chiefly as a result of an enormous outspread of Microsoft products in the marketplace. Given that a lot more individuals use PC’s over Macs, it is only understandable, that the greater the reach for hackers and other crooks, the more profitable are their scheming endeavors.

I am very lucky not to get any information stolen since the anti virus software helps to catch the culprit. However, others are not so lucky. Many people don’t have the right antivirus tool or they don’t update it frequently. This results in much slower PCs which in the end might be transmitting their financial bits to the awaiting criminals.

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