What is MyIdentityTheftBlog.com all about?

In the present times identity theft is one of the most lucrative white collar crimes in the world, and it is one that has many victims. This form of crime has created millions of identity theft casualties in the U.S. and worldwide, yet so many of us are still uneducated about identity theft.

It is thus the mission of my blog to help everyone understand the dangers of identity theft, prevention measures that can be taken, and protection services that are available to consumers. Further, I want to present different scenarios that will need your application of something very precious to all of us, yet so scarce – common sense.

You see, your common sense will be the ultimate factor that will either help you live a stress free life or will put you in identity theft hell hole. Identity theft is a faceless crime even though fraudulent IDs are used to get into bars across the world. It is a crime of delayed surprise; with many victims finding out about the theft of their personal identity months and even years later.

About the author

Radek M. Gadek

Radek M. Gadek is a graduate of the prestigious Boston University and has a Masters in Criminal Justice. Throughout his consulting career, education, and life experiences Radek has amassed plethora of information which is used to distribute this and other publications that pertain to criminal justice matters, human behavior, security and other personal undertakings.

Okay, okay… the above statement is true, but I really want you to take the information on this site and apply it in your everyday life. It is my belief that the more educated you and your family is in regards to identity theft, the less likely it is that you and your family will become victims of identity theft.

I want you to understand that identity theft and financial fraud is an issue that isn’t only for the adult “ears.” It should involve your whole family; from babies, teenagers, young men and women, to you, your parents, grandparents, and even 101 year young wizards.

Finally, I would like for you to have the tools that you may perhaps need one day to report identity theft and clear your good name. Remember, identity theft happens to even the most prepared and cautious. It is a crime of infringement on your personal identity and financial well being. Annually, millions of cases are reported, but many are not found out until financial chaos commences.

I hope you find this site helpful and I hope you will share it with everyone you know and care about.

All the best,

Radek M. Gadek
Your Identity Theft Sentinel